Project vs Single Document

In SecondBASIC Studio, you can run it in 2 modes: Studio Mode and Single Document Mode. Single Document Mode gives you the core environment to program in, but everything you want to add will have to be added in by code (graphics, music, sfx, etc). In Studio Mode, you get to use the extended features of SecondBASIC Studio that assists by handling some of the functionality for you. There's some pros and cons to using each mode:

Pros and Cons

Studio Mode Single Document Mode
  • File manager to organize your files
  • Drag and drop files into your code window
  • Set ROM header data easily
  • Copies all added files to your project folder to maintain path integrity and portability
  • Manage file attributes
  • You can only work on 1 project at a time
  • Can't rename line labels for files added to the file manager
  • Can work on multiple projects at once
  • All included files have to be added in via code
  • Path integrity becomes a manual process
  • Portability becomes a manual process