Using the IDE

Most of this section will apply to Studio Mode (Projects) as a majority of these features aren't available in Single Document Mode and require code to handle these aspects. The areas that apply to both modes are the Object Explorer, CodeBox, and any toolbar function, and the rest applies to Studio Mode.

Project Explorer

The Project Explorer is docked to the left side of the program window. This feature allows you to see any external files you've included, as well as let you change some properties of those files and the compiled ROM. The Project Explorer is split into 2 halves, where the top half is like a file manager, and the bottom half displays the properties of the files. If you highlight the Project Name in the top half, you'll see the properties for the project in the bottom half.

Figure 1

Pros and Cons

Studio Mode Single Document Mode
  • File manager to organize your files
  • Drag and drop files into your code window
  • Set ROM header data easily
  • Copies all added files to your project folder to maintain path integrity and portability
  • Manage file attributes
  • You can only work on 1 project at a time
  • Can't rename line labels for files added to the file manager
  • Can work on multiple projects at once
  • All included files have to be added in via code
  • Path integrity becomes a manual process
  • Portability becomes a manual process