Last Modified: 1/2/2021

Disables a device.


DeviceName System Identifier Yes The name of the device you want to disable.
DeviceId Integer Yes This is required only when disabling ExtInt

Device List

DeviceName Description
ExtInt Disables the External Interrupt.
InterruptHBlank, hint , hBlank Disables the Horizontal Interrupt.
InterruptVBlank, vint , vBlank Disables the Vertical Interrupt.
Screen Disables the display.
SRAM Disables access to SRAM.
Window Resets the Window plane.


Syntax: Disable <DeviceName> [, <DeviceId>]
    On vInt GoSub VintProc
    Enable vInt
    vb_on = True
    While 1
    j = JoyPad()
    Locate 1,1: Print a
    If j.7 Then
        If vb_on = True Then
            vb_on = False
            Disable vInt
            vb_on = True
            Enable vInt
        End If
        WaitPadUp 0
    End If
    Sleep 1



The ExtInt requires a DeviceId:

Device ID

ID Description
0 Player 1.
1 Player 2.
2 Expansion port (Model 1).

See Also

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