Last Modified: 10/21/2021

Sets the display type for the 32x add-on.


DrawMode System Identifier Yes The type of draw mode to set the 32x vdp.
TvType System Identifier Yes The target display type.
PriorityControl System Identifier Yes Sets priority to either the base unit or 32x add-on for plane / buffer priority.


Draw TypeDescription
DM_Blank Turns the display off.
DM_8bpp Sets the display to 8bpp mode.
DM_15bpp Sets the display to 15bpp mode.
DM_Rle Sets the display to RLE mode.

TV Types

TV TypeDescription
NTSC Sets the display to view 224px height.
PAL Sets the display to view 240px height.


Priority ModeDescription
Prio_Gen Base unit planes take priority.
Prio_32x 32x frame buffer takes priority.


Syntax: MarsVidMode <DrawMode>, <TvType>, <PriorityControl>
Refer to \examples\32x.bas for an example with this command.