Last Modified: 10/16/2020

Resets the data pointer to a line label that allows you to read or write to the location using the Read, ReadInt, ReadLong, Read(), ReadInt(), or ReadLong&() commands and functions.


LineLabel LineLabel Yes The line label where the data you want to load is.
Offset Long No Allows you to specify, in bytes, how far into the data you want to start at.


Syntax: Restore <LineLabel>[, <Offset>]
    Restore MyData, 1
    Read x,y
    Print x,y
    Data 1,2,3,4


Restore and Reload are identical commands.

The data pointer increments after each read, so if you're using an Offset, keep in mind the size of the read.

Read Sizes

Command/FunctionRead Size
Read, Read() 1 Byte
ReadInt, ReadInt() 2 Bytes
ReadLong, ReadLong&() 4 Bytes

See Also

Data, DataFile, DataInt, DataLong, Read, ReadInt, ReadLong, Reload, Read(), ReadInt(), ReadLong&()