Last Modified: 1/2/2021

Draws tile to the active plane using a tile map.


TileMap Line Label Yes The line label where your 8 bit tile map is located.
VRAMAddress Integer Yes The tile in VRAM you want to draw.
X-Coordinate Integer Yes The X-Coordinate to draw the tile.
Y-Coordinate Integer Yes The Y-Coordinate to draw the tile.
Width Integer Yes The width of your tile map.
Height Integer Yes The height of your tile map.
LabelOffset Integer No The number of bytes to offset the start of the data of the specified line label.


Syntax: DrawTiles <TileMap>,<VRAMAddress>,<X-Coordinate>,<Y-Coordinate>,<Width>,<Height>[,<LabelOffset>]
    DrawTiles MyMap,0,0,0,2,2
    Data 65,66,67,68


When drawing tiles, you can change the horizontal and vertical orientation of tiles by using the hFlipTile() and vFlipTile() functions. You can also change tile priority and palette by using the Priority() and Palette() functions.

To change the active plane, use the SetGfxPlane command.

See Also

DrawTile, DrawTilesInc, DrawTilesInc2, DrawTilesOvr, LoadTiles, SetGfxPlane, hFlipTile(), Palette(), Priority(), vFlipTile()